Why Training Hand-Outs are Still Effective

Why Training Hand-Outs are Still Effective

February 20, 2015 0 By Sophia

These days, just about everything is done online, including on-the-job training. While this is effective since your employees can be tested on the things they learned at the end of each segment to make sure they understand, it is still important to have paper hand-outs as well. The main reason for this is that it can take several times of reading through something to truly remember what the person read. Online training is usually a one-time deal unless the test was not passed.

Dean from Visit Print-Print.co.uk for A5 Brochure Printing says “While we do live in a digital world now, it is still good to keep paper resources around. This can help your employees to remember all the information they learn in web-based training without having to ask you every time they have a question, since it is unlikely they can simply return to a web-training module they have already finished.”

Help Your Employees Remember the Details

When you hire a group of new employees it is easy to sit them down at a computer and let them learn all they need to know, but do they really retain it all? By sending your employees home with a booklet to review what they have already learned it gives them a chance to really remember all the important and fine details of their training.

For example, they may remember what to do if a customer asks what a product price is, but what if they are being quizzed by the customer on the uses of a particular product? Having a products list with commonly asked questions in a booklet like this is a great way to help them study up and be a star employee.

They can take it With Them

Web-based training is great as you can keep track of which employees have passed which tests, which areas they may need improvement on and more, but if you want to be sure they get all the information possible it is great to send them home with more information. After all, most web-based training is through a site that is only easily accessed outside business location. This will give them a way to study at home and prepare for any tests they may not have taken yet. This will also decrease the time that they spend on the computer and increase the time they can spend on the floor working!

Some People Just Need More Time

While some of your new hires may be ready to go right after that initial web training, others may not be so confident in themselves. Having a cheat-sheet or similar to keep on hand for such an occasion when they are caught off guard by a customer is brilliant. This way they will not have to inconvenience you or the customer by having you come to answer their question.