Settled: American Blind v. Google

Settled: American Blind v. Google

March 24, 2014 0 By Sophia

UPDATE: My inside source has revealed the following about the decision to drop the suit against Google:

“The client could not longer afford to continue a solo fight against a defendant with a bottomless pocketbook and every incentive to litigate indefinitely.”

Original post:

Why would American Blind precipitously drop a four year lawsuit? Especially since Judge Fogel ordered it to go to jury trial–talk about a dream come true!

I have never seen so much power wielded by one company in my life, not even AT&T before 1984, when at it’s peak, it employed one million people and annual revenue was roughly $300 billion (in today’s dollars).

Can anyone make sense of this? Costs? Narrow argument? Coercion?

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