Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage

July 21, 2018 0 By Sophia

One of the hot ways of improving your sexual life is to incorporate a sensual massage.

You will quickly move from being good in bed to a superstar.

And not only that. The heart beats better, there’s better blood flow, and it’s a great way to bust stress.

So, what is a sensual massage?

It’s simply a massage that entirely focuses on your partner’s erotic zones and aims to not only make intimacy better but also to help build a telepathic connection between partners.

And unlike other activities like foreplay, sensual massages go beyond an orgasm to bring an exquisite personal feeling and a hugely satisfying romantic experience.

How is a Sensual Massage Done?

This type of massage relies on touch- an extremely crucial component of sexuality and is a relaxing way to receive pleasure minus the usual expectations of performance.

You use your body and hands to excite the soothing sense of touch in your partner.

Here is how to deliver immeasurable delight to each other:

  1. Set The Mood

To eliminate any lingering sense of anxiety on your partner, start by setting a sexual mood.

First, choose a homely private setting. Then remove all potential distractions such as a phone.

Lighting a few candles also helps to bring the message home. Lastly, you can set your favorite love song to play in the background.

  1. Install the Tools

Find a comfortable surface for both of you. A bed, massage table, or even a normal table covered with soft blankets (or sheets) will suffice.

In some case, you can place blankets on a hard surface.

You may ask your lover about their preferences beforehand. Also ensure you a massage cream or any special oils in an accessible spot.

  1. The Massage

Before everything, apply some oil to your hands and also ensure they are warm.

Generally, start with the back followed by the shoulders then legs. Then turn over your partner.

Again, massage their feet, legs then their arms. From there, proceed to their shoulders and neck. And maybe a scalp massage.

Remember to massage areas like breasts and the inner thighs for women and the penis plus the surrounding areas for men. 


  • You can opt for any of the popular techniques- Fan stroke, stretching strokes, and circle strokes are all highly effective.

  • Whichever way you approach it, the idea is to explore each other’s body and deliver out of the world pleasure.

  • You should start with softer strokes to soothe and relax the body before moving into harder techniques.

  • Always aim to give more than you receive as the idea is to grow into each other.
  • Communication is key. Ask your partner about their feeling and do more of what feels good.

Final Word

A sensual message is deeply erotic and full of health advantages.

The production of the beneficial Oxytocin ramps up while that of the harmful cortisol decline dramatically.

In the end, you enjoy deep relaxation in addition to improved immune response, better blood circulation and even higher concentration levels.