Jiffy Lube International & SEO For Franchise Brands

Jiffy Lube International & SEO For Franchise Brands

September 25, 2013 0 By Sophia

Jiffy Lube is a Brand Leader in automotive services, and the Jiffy Lube name has come to be synonymous with quick oil change service. Eighty-eight percent of Jiffy Lube stores are franchises.

While examining best practices for online marketing, it was clear that search engine visibility for each Jiffy Lube franchise, including every store in every market was a priority–Jiffy Lube had virtually no visibility for thousands of potentially high-converting searches for locations and Jiffy Lube coupons, and I have been given the opportunity to assist in consulting with a comprehensive strategy.

Visit JiffyLube.com to find Jiffy Lube news and articles, community involvement programs and events, and employment opportunities.

New Jiffy Lube videos include the Jiffy Lube customer service video and the Jiffy Lube Maintenance Partners For Life video.

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