How To Contact Google Customer Service – (650) 253-000…

How To Contact Google Customer Service – (650) 253-000…

September 26, 2013 0 By Sophia

I have received some interesting emails from readers, from both companies and individuals, asking how to deal with Google on a number of Adwords issues. One of the most frequent requests is how to contact Google Customer Service.

First off, I need to acknowledge that Google’s Custome

r Service will never be a candidate for a J.D. Power Award. In fact, there is a special formula you can use to evaluate the level of customer service Google provides:


Take the promptness of a doctor’s office, the incompetence of a

DMV, and the worst customer service experience you have ever

had with a phone company and multiply it by 500 = Google

Customer Service

I empathize with the frustration felt by those of you dealing with Google for the first time. If you feel you have landed in Google Hell and see no way out, please email your story to

Google Contact Info:

1. Main phone number – (650) 253-0000, press “5″ for Customer Service or Tech Support, where you will then be directed to the Google website where you can submit an email.

2. Google Adwords Advertising – (866) 246-6453, press “2″ for Adwords questions. You will be placed on hold for a mandatory fifteen minutes before the call is then routed to the advertising bureau–aka socialism, Google style, and you vill comply. When you are finally greeted by a real Google person don’t expect to get anywhere. Depending on your issue you will be directed to the Google website to fill out a form, or placed on hold for five minutes. After being placed on hold the real Google person will then direct you to the Google website to fill out a form.

It is not widely known, but Larry and Sergey review each form submission in the basement of the Google headquarters and secretly make fun of our problems.

3. Google Adwords Support Form –

4. Google Trademark Infringement Form –

5. Trademark Complaints Email Address –

There is the impression out there that only “the small guy” gets dissed by Google. This just isn’t true, for the most part. Google is an equal opportunity offender, with the exception of the largest brands (deep legal pockets) and most aggressive cyber giants like Amazon or eBay (deep advertising pockets).

An example of this is posted by Matt Heaton, CEO of web hosting company Bluehost:

“…Google is simply one of the greatest technology companies around, I don’t think anyone would disagree. HOWEVER, in my opinion they have a LOT to learn when it comes to service and customer relationships. I will spend over $100,000 on google adwords this month.

You would think that I could get some prompt service out of them. No no no… I get some kid on the other end (Of an email, yeah, no phone # for me blah…) with a canned answer. This has happened time and time again with them. They simply don’t learn their lesson.

Right now they don’t have to learn their lesson because they are the big bully on the block. Every bully gets his clocked cleaned sooner or later and google is laying the groundwork for that now.”

Matt goes on to say:

“Google has become so powerful that in literally every aspect of their business it is 100% their way or the highway. I know a lot of people that are choosing the highway. Do I predict googles downfall anytime soon? Of course not, but I do predict that it WILL FOR SURE happen eventually if you don’t take care of your customers.

For a company so big, they still have a LOT of problems. Maybe it stems from Eric Schmidt as their CEO. He used to work at Novell (Here in my hometime) and they had the same attitude. Their stock is in the toilet (Novells). Who know what will happen, but I tell you what I am doing.

I will do EVERYTHING in my power to spend that money effectively somewhere else, and when someone from google actually calls to see why we are spending anymore, THEN I will let them have it.”

My point is that it is not just small businesses and sole proprietors spending $1,000 a month that get the Google “You’re Not Welcome” mat. The best thing you can do is make it known–to Google corporate, the Better Business Bureau, etc, that you are unhappy with quality of service provided by Google.

I believe there is hope–I have a feeling Google is going to change it’s policies and support quality soon. 😉

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