Google Taps Judy’s Book For “Reputation Trend”

Google Taps Judy’s Book For “Reputation Trend”

October 19, 2014 0 By Sophia

While the yellow pages are creating a reputation as the fastest recycled paper product in America, Google is driving the evolution of local business marketing online with a blistering pace of updates to local search, local business listings, and local online advertising in 2009.

Google Displays “Reputation Trend” In Local Business Listings

Inside the Details section of the new Google Maps business listings, also called Google Place Pages, you may see a field called “Reputation Trend.”

Let’s say you’re looking for a hair salon in Seattle:


Next step, you check out the Google Place Page for the first business listed in the Google 7-Pack of local business results, the Gary Manuel Salon.


Within the Details section you find the link, Reputation Trend.

What Is A Reputation Trend?

The Reputation Trend field links to a trending measurement (moving average) of ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, on the website

The Reputation Trend field only populates in Google Maps business listings if there are reviews on the corresponding business listing in Judy’s Book.

Here is the Reputation Trend for the Gary Manuel Salon in Seattle:


From a strategic business perspective, it makes sense for Google to breathe new life into the relaunched Judy’s Book review website while shifting focus from the rapidly growing threat of Yelp.

What changes to local will Google have in store for us next week?