Does Yelp Own More Local Search Market Share Than

Does Yelp Own More Local Search Market Share Than

December 18, 2014 0 By Sophia

Maybe. According to Google Trends, Yelp gets more unique daily visitors than SuperPages & Dex combined:


Yellowpages is right behind Yelp and if AT&T Interactive were to act on Greg Sterling’s insight, they could create quite a powerhouse.

Citysearch and SuperPages are neck and neck. Is the Google Trends data accurate? This data doesn’t measure flush with the recent TMPDM/comScore study of Local Search Market Share. Is it apples and oranges? Do TMP and their study bias IYP’s? Here’s a look:

TMPDM/comScore Study, Local Search Market Share (2009)


In the TMPDM study SuperPages is identified as the Network, which includes the following search alliances:

  • WhitePages Network
  • Lycos

All of the local searches emanating from these web properties land on,, or

Say we toss out the “Daily Unique Visitors” filter displayed in the Google Trends screenshot above and just focus on visits. Here are the numbers from


Yelp yields approximately twice the traffic. The case can be made that more of Yelp’s visits are socially oriented than (social interaction is sticky and sticky builds brands).

Still, how does TMPDM/comScore determine that in June of 2009 the Network had 7.5 X the local search share of Yelp?

I am likely missing some vital data here so I encourage others in the know to share their insights.


Rather than create another post, I also want to chime in on the quality of results and search experience (yes, my ADD is kicking in). Here are screenshots of Yelp & SuperPages results for the search “oil change Scottsdale, AZ:”


Yelp provides actual oil change locations in Scottsdale, AZ, starting with the first result. SuperPages doesn’t. The first eight results in SuperPages feature three automotive brands (the Sears listing repeated) and four search arbitrage sites (very negative user experience). None of them feature a Scottsdale location, nor are the associated websites targeted for location.

In addition, the map displayed in Yelp features Scottsdale results. The map in SuperPages features the entire Phoenix metro and does not make for an optimal user experience based upon the search criteria.

Finally, when you get down to the first result in SuperPages that actually displays a location, it isn’t Scottsdale. It is a Phoenix location–another negative user experience.