Dex Landing Pages Dominating Google Local Search Ads

Dex Landing Pages Dominating Google Local Search Ads

November 5, 2014 0 By Sophia

Last week Peter Krasilovsky at Local Onliner summed up data from the recent TMP/comScore study:

The report notes that Google ha

s overtaken online business directories in both IYP/local searches, where it has a 26 percent share, and in local portal searches, where it has a 45 percent share. But that doesn’t mean that the Yellow Pages industry is on the ropes.

While Yellow Pages usage is down three percent a

nd now comprises 28 percent of local search, Internet Yellow Pages have jumped from 19 percent in 2008 to 21 percent of all searches. In certain categories, such as home services, IYP account for nearly half of all searches.

“By adapting to the world of online search, the Yellow Pages are proving to be a competitive and effective cross-platform reference,” notes the report. But local search remains very low on the totem pole for certain categories.

In another example of adapting to the world of online search, R.H. Donnelley property Dex has recently been shooting up all over Google local searches. Dex places advertisements with co-branded landing pages (powered by Dex) on Google for a number of categorical searches for local businesses.

I did see something similar to this on behalf of last year with local automotive and professional services searches but they seemed to have dropped off.

I don’t know if this is just a short-term, introductory promotion (Google promo?), or if they are truly getting traction with local businesses advertising on Google AdWords–and this is part of the local online advertising mix.

What Caught My Eye

For the Google search “Scottsdale landscaping,” seven of the ten published AdWords ads were powered by Dex:


The Dex landing pages are published on local-business-branded domain names, allow visitors to send the page via SMS or email, and feature the following business details:

  • Business logo
  • Enlarged business name and phone number
  • Tagline
  • Business address, Google map, & Google street view
  • Business categories
  • Products & services
  • Specials
  • Business description
  • Images of corresponding yellow page print ads
  • Payment options
  • Hours of operation
  • Service area

The first ad presented was for Moon Valley Nursery (note the location appears to be wrong–Las Vegas?):


The third ad presented was for Arizona Trellis (note the toll-free number):


The fourth ad presented was for Senor Mist:


The fifth ad presented was for E-Scapes Land Design:


The seventh ad presented was for Green Keeper:


The ninth ad presented was for American Handyman & Landscaping:


The tenth ad presented was for Sunrise Maintenance & Lawn Service:


BlitzLocal’s CEO, Dennis Yu, incorrectly points to these Dex landing pages for PPC as an attempt at SEO on David Kyle’s blog, also cited on SEOmoz.

In fact, because some of these landing pages use tracking numbers provided by Telmetrics, it is essential they are not optimized for search due to local indexing issues, extensively covered by David Mihm here and here (one of the pretenders?).

I am impressed with the aggressive investment Dex and the other IYP’s (,, are making in local online advertising (via TV, radio, & online campaigns).

Local online advertising is blowing up in 2009 contrary to the ridiculous speculation by BusinessWeek and other nattering naboobs of negativism in the traditional media ranks.

What will 2010 bring?